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Here you can read what other parents and professionals have said about our services and our staff. A big THANK YOU to all those who continue to support our efforts, and our clients and families who continue to inspire and teach us!

“We have referred many of our clients for mental health support and in-home counseling services to The Center and we have found our clients to be improving steadily in all areas. We especially love working with the dedicated counselors and professional management staff. The Center is at the top of our list!”


“Since being introduced to The Center for Child & Family Services, I’ve seen great improvements in my residents. They display self-confidence, are willing to be more independent and they surely smile a lot more! The Center has been a tremendous help to us, and we welcome the service with open arms.”

Adult Group Home Administrator

“The Center for Child and Family Services has provided our youth and their families with excellent in-home support. Their professional, yet personal, delivery is key to their success in helping to stabilize and maintain the structure of the family unit. It’s a wonderful experience to work with and depend on such a dedicated team of caring professionals.”

Juvenile Probation Officer

“(My counselor) would make me very mad and I would not want to see him, but he made me get off drugs and do better at school and home. My mom is very happy.”


“From the beginning referral process to the closing of a case, The Center has developed a very workable process that makes it a pleasure to refer clients for services. The timeliness of your intake process is superb. I am extremely impressed with the counselors who have worked with several of my young people on supervised probation.”

Juvenile Probation Officer

“Thank you so much for providing the best in-home services to our children and families.”

Child Protective Services Worker

“Of all the agencies we have worked with, I feel The Center for Child and Family Services has done more with our clients in the last six months than some have done in over a year. We are pleased with the staff that makes a tremendous impact in the lives of children.”

Substance Abuse Counselor

“We are very impressed with the support that The Center gives the students they are involved with.”

Alternative School Official

“I used to hate my family and would often run away. My counselor always encouraged me and helped me see my strengths and talents.”


“Every counselor at The Center that I’ve worked with has done an exceptional job. They are on top of the cases, keep me informed, and have helped many of our clients.”

Juvenile Probation Officer

“The service was great and six months went by too quick!”


“Counseling has taught me how to parent my child, stay strong through the difficult times and be a parent, and not a friend to her.”


“The Center is consistent and very reliable, genuine and supportive of the clients, and very dedicated.”

Mental Health Clinician

“Our family can sit down and have a good, worthwhile conversation.”


“I am personally grateful to such a dedicated and caring clinician with which to touch base on these difficult cases. Your humor and your easy-going approach to these complex cases is also much appreciated.”

School Probation Officer

“Thanks to (my counselor) I have a future now.”


“I like having a counselor come into our home to work out and discuss issues. I have referred The Center to a neighbor in the community because I think it will help them deal with their issues.”


“The counselors are well-trained to tackle even some of my most difficult cases! I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication. It is comforting to know that the Center is there to assist in providing intensive in-home counseling to families we serve.”

Juvenile Probation Officer

“The Center has helped my family tremendously. My son takes better care of himself now because his counselor showed him things I couldn’t. The counselor was always there for us and was very helpful.”


“In-home service has put our family back together. We are so grateful to the counselor for her patience and hard work.”


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