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familyondeck385 girlscruisin
Natasha, Maggie May and Family The girls go cruisin'
naf-couch nafmaggie
It's not the same without our big sister, Natasha.
She was the best!
Maggie May enjoying fresh cut grass.
nafdaisy nafsamantha
Daisy Doodle with her favorite toy Samantha loving the "dog days of summer"
I'm Caesar and a lovable heavyweight My name is Winthrop and I love hanging out with my buddy, Caesar
Rocco nafnugget
Hey! I'm Rocco, but you can call me Rockstar! Hey there! I'm Nugget and I love to sing opera with my mom.
nafchloe Hiltz
Chloe thinks laying out in the sun is lots of fun. Hello! My name is Hiltz and I'm very happy in my new home.
RadarandChewie PorkchopandLambchop
We are Radar and Chewie, the security team at the Trimble house. Hi! We're Porkchop and Lambchop and we love to cuddle.
Sandee O-Malley
I'm Sandee, but when I was a  kitten, my Grandpa called me "Miss Hiss" because I liked to rub up against people and stretch out at their feet. This is O'Malley. He loves to take long naps, roam outside on sunny days and curl up on your lap
on cool evenings.
Chance-Amy-Thor TiggerTalley
Chance, Amy, Thor and Family Rub-a-dub-dub, Tigger Talley in the tub. Tub? Hey, get me outta here!
Miss-Priss Orange-tabbies
Miss Priss is a good name for me, but I annoy mom when I meow when she gets on the phone. Some say orange tabbies are mischievous, and I live up to that!
nafroscoe nafjack
I'm Roscoe and I'm ready for my photo shoot. Call me Jack, but get this hoodie off me!
nafgottie2 LadyBug
I'm Gottie. Many people think I was named after another Gotti, but really my name is short for 'got milk' because of the white hair on my lips! Hello, my name is Lady Bug and I'm Gottie's sister.
Baby MissAngelandLilMan
Hey, call me Baby. i love to lay on the TIVO
--- it's so warm!
Hi! We're Miss Angel and Lil Man. our parents took us in at 3 weeks old when we were left on their porch.
Santino Moxy
Hello! My name is Santino and I love to chirp
And eat millet!
My name is Moxy and here I am as a pup, but the vet told my parents that I'll be a big dog!
Charlie Noah-Sam Noah-Sam
IN MEMORIUM: Charlie and Mickie Mastro both passed away on May 30, 2008. They were both 14 years old. Our BIG boy, Noah Sam, recently died. They are truly missed!

A Final Word…

finalwordoct09Pets offer us so much ---- unconditional love, companionship and protection. They can be a soft comfort in a brutal world. Pets, especially dogs, are used as mental health therapy for those who have medical or emotional needs. They rescue and look for people who are lost or injured.

There seems to be a connection between how people, including children, treat animals and how they treat other people. Someone who is mean and abusive to animals is more likely to be abusive towards people. If your child is aggressive and violent towards others, the last thing you want to do is bring a pet into the family, because there’s a good chance that your child will hurt those who are smaller and more vulnerable, including your pet.

Because pets give us so much, what should we give in return? Isn’t it our responsibility to give them food, water, shelter, warmth and love? Shouldn’t all animals expect that we will not hurt them?

If you have children, you have probably dealt with the issue of pets. Most children want a pet at some point. I’ve seen many parents give into their children’s wishes without thinking about the consequences. In all my years of working with families, I have never seen a child or teen who is able and willing to take care of a pet everyday for the next 10 to 15 years. From my experience, it seems that it is the parent’s responsibility to feed, water and shelter a pet on a day to day basis. If you, as the adult, cannot take on the responsibility, please don’t expect your child to do more than occasionally walk or play with your new pet.

I know how tempting it can be to get a cute little bunny at Easter, or a new puppy at Christmas, or give your child everything they want. Just remember that all of our actions have consequences. Consider what is in the best interests of the animal. Maybe your child will understand how to treat animals, by watching you show compassion for the animals in your community. Older teenagers and adults may volunteer at the local shelter. You can also get involved by looking out for lost and stray pets, and helping them find their homes. Check out the list of animal welfare organizations at the end of this message, who can use your support in their work to care and rescue animals.

If you already have a pet, please have them spayed or neutered. Some clinics and organizations offer free or low-cost services. If you do decide to adopt a pet, think about what the pet will need from you in the years to come. Look up the breed to find out if the animal will be a good match for you and your home environment. Check out the rescue shelters to find a pet that needs a home. Please rescue an animal from a shelter or foster care and don’t buy from a puppy mill or “pet store”. Don’t get caught up in all the hype for the new “designer” puppies or the latest popular dog breed.

And, remember that our children learn by watching us. If we are gentle, caring and compassionate toward other people and animals, there’s a very good chance that our children will be that way too.

Animal Groups

Support these national animal rescue organizations:

Humane Society of US –
Best Friends –
Pasado’s –
North Shore Animal League –


Find your next pet or donate time and resources to these local groups. Many of the rescue groups are volunteers and do not have a shelter, but they use foster homes and have adoption stands in several locations throughout the area.

Petfinders will list several shelter and rescue groups –
Richmond Animal League – ( 804-379-0046 )
Angel Dogs – ( 804-355-7283 )
Angel Dogs Rescue and Transport -
Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation – ( 804-254-0800 )
Bandit’s Adoption & Rescue of K-9’s BARK – ( 804-449-2275 )
Cats – (804)288-9797
Happe Pets – ( 804-425-6236 )
SOS Pen Pal Cats – ( 804-358-7499 or 514-7463)
Cats Cradle – ( 804-282-3833 )
Shelter Adoption & Rescue Efforts SHARE - ( 804-615-3944 )
Friends United With the Richmond Shelter FURS – ( 804-364-1944 )
For the Love of Animals in Goochland – FLAG – ( 804-342-6975 )
Henrico Humane Society – ( 804-262-6634 )
Hanover Humane Society – ( 804-798-0806 )
Chesterfield Humane Society – ( 804-717-6236 )
Hopewell Humane Society – ( 804-458-7303 )
Richmond SPCA – ( 804-643-6785 )



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