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Intensive In-Home Services

A unique style of counseling for at-risk children and teens

Why Is This Unique?

  • Intensive – We provide 5-10 hours of service per week
  • In-Home – Services are provided in the client’s home and community
  • Systems Approach – We work with the child/teen, as well as the parent/guardian, family system, and other involved collaterals, such as schools, court, psychiatrist, etc.

Our logo signifies our biopsychosocial approach with the individual child –
• Biological
• Psychological
• Social

Who Are At-Risk?

Children between the ages of 3-18 with serious behavioral or emotional problems that put them at risk of out-of-home placements including hospitalization, residential, detention, and foster care. Also appropriate for in-home services are those who have been in any of these placements and are having adjustment problems returning home. A child, who has been unsuccessful with other forms of interventions, including out-patient mental health, may also be appropriate for in-home services.

How Do We Get Started?

Give our information to an interested parent and ask them to call us. THE CENTER staff will discuss the situation over the phone and then schedule an in-home assessment. If the case is appropriate for in-home, services will start right away! Although we do not need a referral, you may call us to discuss a particular case and we will get in touch with the parent to set up an assessment visit.
  How Does It Work?

In-Home Services goes beyond dealing with the individual child and works with the parent, family system, and other involved collaterals (e.g. school, court, psychiatrist). And In-Home Services are provided in the child’s home and community! We achieve greater success by involving parents in their own home. Services include:

  • Individual counseling with the child/teen
  • Family counseling
  • Parenting skills training
  • Crisis intervention
  • Case Management

Who Is Eligible?

Currently Medicaid is the only insurance that pays for in-home services. A child covered by straight Medicaid, any Medicaid HMO (e.g. Healthkeepers Plus, Virginia Premier, Sentara, Optima Family Care, and Southern Health CareNet) and FAMIS qualifies for this service. Medicaid will pay for in-home services for up to 26 weeks in any annual period. Funding for in-home services may also be available through special funds including Juvenile Justice and Comprehensive Services Act (FAPT). Areas of service include Richmond and surrounding counties.



For children/teens who are not covered by Medicaid, parents may choose to Self-Pay for intensive in-home services. Services may be provided for only 1 to 3 hours per week, for 3 or 6 months.

Annual Family Income Fees

Under $ 45,000

$ 35 per hour

$ 46,000 to $ 70,000

$ 45 per hour

$ 71,000 to $ 100,000

$ 55 per hour

Over $ 100,000

$ 70 per hour


More Information About Intensive In-Home Counseling Services


Individual and family counseling in the family’s home

Behavior modification techniques

Tangible, reality-based interventions

Activities in the community

Parenting skills training and guidance

Collaboration with other involved professionals

Intensive case management

Qualified staff with supervision by LCSW



Population Served

Children and teens, 3-18 (18-21 may be eligible)

Individuals with emotional or behavior problems

Those at risk of out-of-home placement

Juvenile returning home after outside placement

Emotional or mental disorders

Serious behavior problems

Juveniles with court involvement

Mental retardation with behavior problems



Possible Issues

Parent-child relationship

Parenting skills, authority, supervision issues

Destructive behaviors

Anger management and coping skills

Criminal activity, drug use, runaway

Sex offender, serious criminal convictions

School truancy, education problems

Teen pregnancy, risky behaviors

Social skills and peer relationship deficits

Life skills and self-esteem issues

Mental retardation or developmental delays

Victim of abuse or neglect

Abandonment and attachment issues

Foster care or multiple placements

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