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Counseling Services For Children and Teens
With Medicaid or Self-Pay

A Unique Style Of Family Counseling That Gets Results   We achieve greater success by involving parents in their own home.
Intensive In-Home Counseling Services brings a professional counselor to you – to work with you and your child/teen in the privacy of your own home and community. We provide a combination of services that are designed for your particular needs.

Services include individual counseling for your child or teen, parenting support for you, and family counseling for the entire family. Our counselors are also role models to help your child or teen with social skills and peer relationships. We may take your child for recreational outings in the community. We may support you and your family by visiting the school, consulting with teachers or other professionals, and go with you to other important appointments such as court visits. We may also help you find community resources that will assist your family’s needs. Successful treatment of a child means the whole family benefits. Let us help your family.
  The focus of In-Home Services is the family. Our goal is to keep the family together and improve family relationships. As a parent or guardian, you are an important part of your child’s future. There is a greater chance for success when the parent and family are involved and when the child or teen enjoys the time spent with the counselor.

Services are intensive, which may mean 5 - 10 hours per week. We will do more or less hours depending on your particular needs. Our counselors will visit you or your child 2-3 times per week. We will make visits with your family that fit your schedule and you do not need to be present for every visit or activity. In-home services usually last about six months.

We will work with you to develop a plan that fits your family’s needs. Although we provide counseling, our counselors won’t just sit and talk about problems – we get involved!

When a child has a problem, the whole family has a problem. So, the family works together on a solution.



Intensive In-Home Counseling Services



Although every family is different and has its own unique needs, we all need help sometime. Are you having any of these problems?

  • Parent-child relationship
  • School truancy, poor grades
  • Anger management, arguing, fighting
  • Teen pregnancy, risky behaviors, runaway
  • Drug/alcohol use, criminal activity
  • Peer relationships, social behavior
  • Depression, anxiety, unable to cope
  • Independent living skills, planning life goals
  • Victim of abuse or other past problems

  • Self-Pay
  • Approved by Juvenile Justice, CSA
  • Licensed by Virginia Mental Health
  • Professional Counselors who are trained, experienced, and reliable
  • Owned and operated by Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of 
    in-home experience
  • Serving Richmond and Surrounding Counties, Hopewell, and Tri-Cities area



Self-Pay Fee Schedule

For children/teens who are not covered by Medicaid, parents may choose to Self-Pay for intensive in-home services. Services may be provided for only 1 to 3 hours per week.

Annual Family Income


Under $ 45,000

$ 35 per hour

$ 46,000 to $ 70,000

$ 45 per hour

$ 71,000 to $ 100,000

$ 55 per hour

Over $ 100,000

$ 70 per hour

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