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Mental Health Support Services

For adults who have a serious mental illness and are covered by Medicaid (or self-pay)
It's like having in-home for Adults!
What are Mental Health Support Services?

Services are provided in the client’s home and community for 1 to 10 hours or more per week.
  • Incorporates training and support services to individuals with significant functional limitations due to mental, behavioral, or emotional illnesses.
  • To maintain community stability and to encourage independence in the least restrictive environment.

Who is Eligible?

  • Adults or teenagers age 16 and up.
  • Must demonstrate a clinical need for services because of a mental, behavioral, or emotional illness that impairs functioning in major life activities.

May have:

  • Mental illness
  • Mental illness and mental retardation
  • Mental illness and substance abuse disorder

Must demonstrate at least two of the following on a continual basis:

  • Interpersonal relationship difficulties where there is a risk for hospitalization, homelessness, or isolation from social supports.
  • Repeated inappropriate behavior where repeated interventions by mental health, social services, or judicial systems are necessary.
  • Difficulty in cognitive ability where they are unable to recognize personal danger or recognize inappropriate social behaviors that are significant to functioning.
What types of services are provided

1. Psycho-educational Services

  • Supportive counseling.
  • Managing mental illness.
  • Understanding medications.
  • Establishing a medication routine.

2. Supportive Services

  • Navigating in the community.
  • Navigating in the social enviroment.
  • Building and maintaining social supports.
  • Being safe in the community.

3. Training

  • Social skills training.
  • Daily living skills training.

4. Behavior Modification Plan

  • Related to personal hygiene, preparing food, managing nutrition, and health and safety issues.

5. Budget & Financial Management/Planning

  • Managing finances.
  • Budget and finances.
Possible Issues

  • Lack of social support.
  • Has difficulty establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships.
  • Has difficulty establishing and being in complaince with medication routine.
  • Life skill and self-esteem issue/lacks daily independent living skills.
  • Anger management and coping skills.
  • Social and peer relationship deficits.
  • Is at risk of hospitalization, homelessness, or loss of social supports.
  • Inappropriate social behavior in the community.
  • Difficulty in cognitive abilities.
  • Difficulty recognizing dangerous situtations where health and safety are jeopardized.
  • Difficulty with personal hygiene.
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